Leadership Assessment


Clients rely on our leadership assessment services to gain deep understanding of leaders' skills and potential as they make hiring and leadership deployment decisions.  

We define position requirements, develop and deploy best-in-class assessments methods, and provide feedback and insight to allow our clients to make confident hiring and promotional decisions, answer questions about a candidate's potential fit into a role and company culture, assess readiness for promotion, and prepare succession plans.

Executive Development & Coaching


We work closely with individuals and executive teams to support their development planning, enhancements, and business results.  We work with the executive sponsor to clearly understand the situation, and create a coaching plan to address the needs of the individual and/or team.  

We help executives realize their full potential, manage and lead during times of change, ambiguity or complexity, and help executives understand their personal behavioral patterns to improve their overall performance and effectiveness.  Our coaching services often target leadership skills, communication and influencing effectiveness, and partnership skills.

Management Due Diligence


We provide private equity and strategic investors with objective insights about the management teams in which they are investing and with whom they are partnering.  

We help investors understand each individual on the team, the team dynamics, strengths and gaps - highlight areas to build on to meet business objectives and aspirations.  

Investors back people - and we provide recommendations about how to best partner with the management teams after the transaction closes.  

We also understand the demands of the diligence process, so we work around investors' schedules to minimize disruption and support the deal dynamics.

Workplace Solutions


Often, organizations do not perform as desired.  We provide assessment and development solutions which help our clients understand problems at the root cause, and determine options for improvement.  Workplace solutions include organizational audits and surveys, executive team consultation, group dynamics consultation, and management assimilation.