Our Clients

Our clients consider us trusted advisors. 

We work with organizations across multiple industries to provide leadership assessment services.  While each situation is unique, clients consistently partner with us to make better decisions about their talent.

A selective list of our clients includes:   



Leadership Assessment Services

Leadership Assessment Services

Leadership Assessment Services

"I first started using the Reiber Group for employee and candidate assessment and development in 2004 and 16 years and 3 companies later continue to do so. The Reiber Group has provided mid-level leader to CEO assessments for companies I have worked for over those years. During this period Andor has successfully interacted with my peers, CEOs and our Board of Directors in helping us make the right selection decisions. 

The RG team also provides effective candidate follow up and both individual and group development services. He and his team bring creative and customized solutions.  

I have always appreciated their flexibility in finding time to meet candidates and their ability to meet the candidate in any location."

Neil Marchuk


Howmet Aerospace

Private Equity

Leadership Assessment Services

Leadership Assessment Services

"Reiber Group has played an integral part in numerous investments for us; their deep insights have helped us make better decisions about talent and thereby make better investment decisions. 


Reiber Group provides exceptional customer service; deep, actionable insights in a timely, flexible, manner." 


Private Equity Firm

Talent Management

Leadership Assessment Services

Leadership Coaching

"Here at Topbuild, we have partnered with the Reiber Group for several years now to assess the leadership skillset of candidates for open executive levels positions. In addition, the Reiber Group has been effective in helping us evaluate and identify developmental areas for current executives being considered for broader responsibility. In both situations, I have found the Reiber Group process to be comprehensive and accurate in predicting an executive’s strengths as well as potential areas of concern.

In addition, Andor has been a valuable and trusted partner for myself, the CEO, and our Board of Directors as we make important decisions involving the succession plan for our C-level executive team.

Decisions involving people and their likely performance require a certain amount of intuition. The Reiber Group provides valuable data and insights to be used in that process."

Jerry Volas 



Leadership Coaching

Organization Solutions

Leadership Coaching

"The Reiber Group has been a great partner to work with.  The pre-hire assessment services they provide are the most extensive and comprehensive I have experienced, with a product deliverable filled with important candidate insights and evaluation output.  Additionally, I have been very impressed with their executive coaching capabilities.  

Working with them, I have been able to accelerate my personal impact within my organization, and better position my department to influence and enable positive change.  I highly recommend the Reiber Group and their services".

Vice President, IT 

Insurance Company

Organization Solutions

Organization Solutions

Organization Solutions

“As a start up company, we made some early mistakes in terms of having the right people in the right place to drive the company forward.  Reiber Group came in and helped to evaluate the existing conditions so that we could make clear-headed decisions about needed adjustments.  The improvements have been measurable and they have stayed with us to help keep us on track. Their contribution has been invaluable."

Peter Cummings

Executive Chairman & CEO 

The Platform